Interactive Entertainment Robots

Interactive Entertainment Robots

KumoTek brings to life characters of all shapes and sizes through fun and engaging interactive technologies. Some of our work includes the state-of-the-art interactive robot dinosaur experience at the Field Museum in Chicago, and the performing humanoids at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Our interactive robot characters for science centers have a cognitive understanding of the English language, can recognize faces and respond to a wide range of questions relating to countless topics. Best of all, our equipment has been successfully tried and tested in museums around the country.

Just imagine a robot that teaches science to children, or answers questions about the museum, or even greets guests with a charming personality and a sense of humor.

Each interactive robot from KumoTek is individually hand-crafted and built to last for years of use in demanding environments.

Our interactive museum robots have the following capabilities:

  • A.I. that really works!
  • Embedded micro-cameras and CPU for real-time object recognition.
  • Latest in A.I. software technology for face and speech recognition, face tracking, and conversational operations.
  • Incorporate learning programs for teaching the robot new behaviors. For example, you can hold an object in front of the robot, tell it to remember the object, the robot will then memorize key topographical features of the object and remember it for future reference.
  • Capable of running in full autonomous or puppeteering mode.
  • Made of extremely durable carved foam and fiberglass.
  • Interface with standard computers (included with robot).
  • Optional LCD on chest, or tucked away in a hidden compartment near the robot.